Women#039s Studies Courses

Courses for Womens Studies
Womens Studies (Subject Code: WOMENSTD)
436/ANTHRCUL 436.  Hum Rights Gndr Cult.  Advisory pre-requisite: One course in WOMENSTD or ANTHRCUL  (3 credits)
438.  Gender Health Africa.  Advisory pre-requisite: One course in Women's Studies  (3 credits)
519/AMCULT 519.  Queer Women in 20thC.  (3 credits)
621/HISTORY 621.  Womens & Gender Hist.  Advisory pre-requisite: Juniors and seniors with permission of instructor.  (3 credits)
624/POLSCI 624.  Law&Pol of Identity.  Advisory pre-requisite: Graduate standing  (3 credits)
646/HISTORY 646.  Reading Gender Hist.  (3 credits)
654/NURS 854.  Glob,Cul&Womn Hlth.  Advisory pre-requisite: NURS 801 or permission of instructor  (3 credits)
688.  Law&Pol of Identity.  (3 credits)
720/HISTART 720.  Gend Vis Art.  Advisory pre-requisite: Graduate standing and permission of instructor.  (3 credits)
724/HISTORY 724.  Writing Gend Hstries.  (3 credits)