Russian and East European Studies Courses

Courses for Russian, E Europe & Euras Stu
Russian, E Europe & Euras Stu (Subject Code: REEES)
405.  Topics in REEES.  (1 to 4 credits)
410.  Polish Culture.  (1 credits)
411/ISLAM 411/MIDEAST 411.  Mod Islamic Movement.  Advisory pre-requisite: Introductory course on Islam (i.e. NEAREAST 216)  (3 credits)
418/RUSSIAN 418/ISLAM 418/MIDEAST 418.  Islam and Russia.  (3 credits)
490/SOC 490/WGS 492.  Women&Islam.  (3 credits)
507/ANTHRCUL 507.  E Eur&P-Sv Eth.  Advisory pre-requisite: Graduate standing or permission of instructor.  (3 credits)
600.  REEES Grad Intro.  Advisory pre-requisite: Only for new REEES MA graduate students  (1.5 credits)
601.  REEES Core Colloq.  Advisory pre-requisite: REEES MA students; open to other graduate students  (1 to 2 credits)
639/HISTORY 639/MENAS 639.  Central Eurasia.  (3 credits)
695.  REEES Grad Colloq.  Advisory pre-requisite: Graduate standing.  (3 credits)
795.  REEES Grad Sem.  Advisory pre-requisite: Graduate standing and permission of instructor.  (3 credits)
799.  Master's Thesis.  (1 to 3 credits)
801.  Directed Reading.  Advisory pre-requisite: Graduate standing  (1 to 3 credits)