Macromolecular Science and Engineering Courses

Courses for Macromolecular Science
Macromolecular Science (Subject Code: MACROMOL)
410/MATSCIE 410/BIOMEDE 410.  Biomaterials.  Required pre-requisite: [MATSCIE 220 or 250 (C- or better)] or Graduate  (3 credits)
412/CHE 412/MATSCIE 412.  Polymeric Materials.  Required pre-requisite: [MATSCIE 220 or 250 (C- or better)] or Graduate  (3 credits)
511/CHE 511/MATSCIE 511.  Rheol Poly Matl.  Advisory pre-requisite: A course in fluid mechanics or permission of instructor.  (3 credits)
512/MATSCIE 512/CHE 512.  Phys Polymers.  Advisory pre-requisite: Senior or graduate standing in engineering or physical science  (3 credits)
514/MATSCIE 514/MFG 514.  Comp Matrls.  Required pre-requisite: MATSCIE 220 or 250; (C- or better)  (3 credits)
515/MATSCIE 515.  Poly Matrls.  Advisory pre-requisite: MECHENG 211 and CHE 412 or MATSCIE 412 or MACROMOL 412 or permissions of instructor.  (3 credits)
517/MECHENG 517.  Mech of Polymers I.  Advisory pre-requisite: MECHENG 511 or permission of instructor and graduate standing  (3 credits)
518/CHEM 515.  Organometallic Chem.  (3 credits)
530/MATSCIE 517.  Adv Function Poly.  Required pre-requisite: MATSCI 412; (C- or better)  (3 credits)
535/CHEM 535.  Phys Chem Macr.  Advisory pre-requisite: CHEM 463.  (3 credits)
536/CHEM 536.  Macro Lab.  Advisory pre-requisite: CHEM 535 or PHYSICS 418 or permission of instructor.  (3 credits)
538/CHEM 538.  Macromolecule.  Advisory pre-requisite: CHEM 215/216, and CHEM 230 or 260  (3 credits)
558/CHE 558/MATSCIE 558.  Foundations of Nano.  Advisory pre-requisite: Senior or graduate standing  (3 credits)
559/CHE 559/MATSCIE 559.  Foundations Nano II.  Advisory pre-requisite: Senior or graduate standing.  (3 credits)
690.  Research Rotation.  Advisory pre-requisite: Graduate standing.  (3 credits)
751/CHE 751/CHEM 751/MATSCIE 751/PHYSICS 751.  Topic Macr Sci.  Advisory pre-requisite: Graduate standing and permission of instructor.  (2 credits)
790.  Fac Actv Res Surv.  Advisory pre-requisite: Graduate standing.  (1 to 3 credits)
800.  Macromolecular Sem.  Advisory pre-requisite: Graduate standing.  (2 credits)
890.  Intro Res Technique.  Advisory pre-requisite: Approval of Graduate committee. Graduate standing.  (1 to 8 credits)
990.  Diss-Precand.  Advisory pre-requisite: Election for dissertation work by doctoral student not yet admitted as a Candidate. Graduate standing.  (1 to 8 credits)
995.  Diss-Cand.  Required pre-requisite: Candidate  (4 or 8 credits)