Health Infrastructures and Learning Systems Courses

Courses for Learning Health Sciences
Learning Health Sciences (Subject Code: LHS)
610.  Expl Data Anlys Hlth.  Advisory pre-requisite: Basic introduction to general or statistical programming and at least one course in statistics are required.  (3 credits)
611.  Knowl Repres&Mgt Hlt.  Advisory pre-requisite: Some basic computer programming experience, including either an introductory college course, or a short course in Python or another language or a similar online course is advised.  (3 credits)
621.  Imp Sci I.  Advisory pre-requisite: Graduate Statistice course; Social Psychology coursework recommended.  (3 credits)
650.  Hlth Inf Sem.  (3 credits)
660.  Rsrch Meth Learn Sys.  (3 credits)
671.  Policy&Ethics LHS.  Required pre-requisite: Health Infrastructure and Learning Systems Graduate Students Only (HILS)  (1 credits)
712.  NLP on Health Data.  Required pre-requisite: SI 601 or 618 or LHS 610  (3 credits)
721.  Imp Sci 2.  Required pre-requisite: LHS 621  (3 credits)
750.  Hlth Inf Sem 2.  (3 credits)
791.  Independent Study.  (1 to 3 credits)
990.  Diss Pre-Cand.  Advisory pre-requisite: Graduate standing  (1 to 8 credits)
995.  Diss-Cand.  Advisory pre-requisite: Candidate  (4 or 8 credits)