Complex Systems Courses

Courses for Complex Systems
Complex Systems (Subject Code: CMPLXSYS)
425.  Evolution in Silico.  Advisory pre-requisite: MATH 115; Comfort with Probability/Statistics; and Proficiency with Programming (e.g., CMPLXSYS 270 or MATH 463/BIOPHYS 463 or CMPLXSYS 391 or CMPLXSYS 530, etc.)  (3 credits)
430/EEB 430.  Modeling Diseases.  Advisory pre-requisite: MATH 115 or 120  (3 credits)
435/EEB 435.  Ecological Networks.  Advisory pre-requisite: Quantitative skills and a general knowledge of biology recommended.  (3 credits)
445/BIOPHYS 445/PHYSICS 445.  Intro to Info Theory.  Required pre-requisite: MATH 215  Advisory pre-requisite: MATH 425/STATS 425  (3 credits)
470/PHYSICS 470.  Nonlinear Dynamics.  Required pre-requisite: PHYS125,135or140&MATH115 eq C>  (3 credits)
489.  Adv Topics Cmplx Sys.  Advisory pre-requisite: Advanced standing. Technical prerequisites vary with topic.  (3 credits)
501.  Intro Complex Syst.  Advisory pre-requisite: Graduate standing or permission of instructor.  (3 credits)
510/MATH 550.  Int Adpt Sys.  Advisory pre-requisite: MATH 215, 255, or 285; MATH 217; and MATH 425.  (3 credits)
511.  Theory of CMPLXSYS.  (3 credits)
520/MATH 552/PHYSICS 580.  Nonlin Sys.  Advisory pre-requisite: Graduate standing, Enrollment in Certificate Program, and permission of instructor.  (3 credits)
529.  Prg Agt-Based Models.  (2 credits)
530.  Computer Modeling.  Advisory pre-requisite: Enrollment in certificate program or permission of instructor.  (3 credits)
535/PHYSICS 508.  Network Theory.  Advisory pre-requisite: Calculus and linear algebra; some computer programming experience recommended.  (3 credits)
541/PHYSICS 413.  Int Nonlin.  Required pre-requisite: PHYSICS 401 or Graduate Standing  Advisory pre-requisite: An intermediate mechanics course (such as PHYSICS 401) and/or a course in introductory differential equations  (3 credits)
599.  Ind Study Cmplx Sys.  Advisory pre-requisite: Graduate standing and permission of instructor.  (1 to 3 credits)
899.  Info Diffusion.  Advisory pre-requisite: Graduate standing.  (1 to 3 credits)