Biological Chemistry (PIBS) Courses

Courses for Biological Chemistry
Biological Chemistry (Subject Code: BIOLCHEM)
416.  Intro Biochem Lab.  Advisory pre-requisite: Qualitative analysis; prior or concurrent election of BIOLCHEM 415 or 451/452 or CHEM 451/452  (3 credits)
500.  Mole&Cell Biol.  Advisory pre-requisite: First year medical student status  (5 to 6 credits)
501/BIOPHYS 501/CHEM 501/CHEMBIO 501/MEDCHEM 501/PHRMACOL 501.  Chemical Biology I.  (3 credits)
502/PHRMACOL 505/MEDCHEM 502/CHEMBIO 502/BIOPHYS 502/CHEM 502.  Chemical Biology II.  Advisory pre-requisite: CHEMBIO 501  (3 credits)
504/ANATOMY 504/BIOMEDE 504/MICRBIOL 504.  Cell Biotech.  Advisory pre-requisite: Graduate standing or consent of instructor  (3 credits)
505/CHEM 505.  Nucleic Acid Biochem.  Required pre-requisite: CHEM/BIOLCHEM 451 and 452 or Graduate Standing  (3 credits)
511/BIOINF 511.  Crit Dis Bioinformat.  Advisory pre-requisite: Permission of instructor  (1 credits)
515.  Intro Biochem.  Required pre-requisite: Graduate  Advisory pre-requisite: One semester of organic chemistry  (3 credits)
516.  Intro Biochem Lab.  Advisory pre-requisite: Quantitative analysis and must be preceded or accompanied by BIOLCHEM 515/570/permission of instructor  (3 credits)
526/BIOINF 526.  Bioinfo Fundamentals.  Advisory pre-requisite: Permission of instructor  (4 credits)
528/MEDCHEM 528/CHEM 528.  Biol&Chem Enzymes.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOLCHEM 550, CHEMBIO 501 or equivalent, and one semester of Organic Chemistry.  (2 credits)
530/CHEMBIO 530.  Protein Interactions.  Advisory pre-requisite: 300-level Biochemistry; 200-level P-Chem  (3 credits)
550.  Macromol Struc&Func.  Advisory pre-requisite: Two terms Organic Chemistry, introductory Biochemistry/permission of instructor  (3 credits)
551/PATH 551/CHEM 551/BIOINF 551/BIOMEDE 551.  Proteome Inf.  Advisory pre-requisite: The course is fundamentally interdisciplinary. Undergraduate biochemistry and calculus, or permission of instructor.  (3 credits)
552.  Biochem MD Scientist.  (3 credits)
573.  Enzyme Kinetics.  Advisory pre-requisite: Introductory BIOLCHEM, BIOLCHEM 570, two terms organic chemistry. Physical chemistry strongly recommended.  (1 credits)
580.  Protein Structure.  (3 credits)
585.  Cell Cycle Regulatn.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOLCHEM 575/permission of instructor  (1 credits)
586.  Grad Biochem Res.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOLCHEM 570/permission of instructor  (1 to 6 credits)
590/PHRMACOL 590/PHYSIOL 590.  Mole&Cell Endoc.  Advisory pre-requisite: Permission of instructor.  (2 credits)
591/PHRMACOL 591/PHYSIOL 591.  Signal Transduction.  Advisory pre-requisite: Course in Biochemistry and signal transduction or Instructor permission  (2 credits)
596.  Critical Analysis.  Advisory pre-requisite: Concurrent enrollment in BIOLCHEM 570/571/572 and permission of instructor  (2 credits)
597.  Critical Analysis.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOLCHEM 570/571/572/596, concurrent enrollment in BIOLCHEM 573/574 and permission of instructor  (2 credits)
600.  Intro Bio Research.  Advisory pre-requisite: Permission of instructor  (1 to 8 credits)
601.  Tools of a Scientist.  (3 credits)
602/BIOPHYS 602/CHEM 602/PHRMACOL 602.  Protein Crystallogra.  Advisory pre-requisite: Physical Chemistry. Graduate standing.  (3 credits)
603.  Lit Review&Analysis.  (3 credits)
619/PHRMACOL 619/NEUROSCI 619/BIOPHYS 619/CHEMBIO 619.  Struc Basis-Drug Act.  Advisory pre-requisite: For graduate students who have completed their first year of core classes in Pharmacology or any related program. Students, including senior undergrads, who do not fulfill this prerequisite, will need to obtain permission of instructor.  (2 credits)
631/BIOLOGY 631/HUMGEN 631/MICRBIOL 631/PHRMACOL 631.  Gen Prog Sem.  Advisory pre-requisite: Graduate standing and permission of instructor.  (1 credits)
635.  Glycobiology.  (2 credits)
640.  Regulatory RNA.  (2 credits)
645/NEUROSCI 645.  Sgl Trnsdct&Reg Dev.  (2 credits)
650.  Euk Gene Transcrip.  Advisory pre-requisite: Introductory Biochemistry or permission of instructor  (2 credits)
660.  Protein Biochemistry.  Advisory pre-requisite: Introductory Biochemistry (BIOLCHEM 415/515, 451, 550 or equivalent), significant familiarity with protein structure or by permission of the course director.  (2 credits)
673/CHEM 673.  Kinetics&Mechanism.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOLCHEM 550, CHEMBIO 501, or equivalent, undergrad calculus. Physical Chemistry is recommended.  (2 credits)
675/MICRBIOL 675/CDB 675.  Adv Tpc Sec-End Pth.  Advisory pre-requisite: CDB 530; Course in Cell Biology or graduate standing  (2 credits)
690.  Biochem Reg Mechanis.  Advisory pre-requisite: Advanced undergraduates with permission of instructor  (2 credits)
711.  Graduate Sem.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOLCHEM 570/permission of instructor  (1 credits)
712.  Biolchem Sem Series.  (1 credits)
713.  Emerging Biochem.  (1 credits)
721/PHRMACOL 721/NEUROSCI 721/BIOLOGY 721.  Neuro&Neuroph.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOLCHEM 415. Graduate standing and permission of instructor.  (2 credits)
800.  Biochem Res-Med Stu.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOLCHEM 500/equivalent/permission of instructor  (1 to 6 credits)
850.  Mec Euk Gene Express.  Advisory pre-requisite: 550 OR P.I.  (3 credits)
880.  Enzyme Structure.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOLCHEM 570/permission of instructor  (1 credits)
881.  Biochem Regulation.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOLCHEM 570/permission of instructor  (1 credits)
882.  Membrane Structure.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOLCHEM 570/permission of instructor  (1 credits)
883.  Biochem Genetics.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOLCHEM 570/permission of instructor  (1 credits)
884.  Neurochemistry.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOLCHEM 570/permission of instructor  (1 credits)
885.  Biophys Prop Macro.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOLCHEM 570/permission of instructor  (1 credits)
886.  Glycoconjugates.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOLCHEM 570/permission of instructor  (1 credits)
887.  Hormone Action.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOLCHEM 570/permission of instructor  (1 credits)
990.  Diss-Precand.  Advisory pre-requisite: Advanced doctoral student  (1 to 8 credits)
995.  Diss-Cand.  Required pre-requisite: Candidate  (4 or 8 credits)