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Interdisciplinary Academic Programs

Dual Degree Programs

Rackham students may pursue a course of study leading to degrees in two areas of specialization in the Graduate School or to a graduate and a professional degree.

Rackham dual degree programs have been established in the disciplines listed below. The integrated curriculum of these programs provides great breadth between the two disciplines. Requests for additional information should be directed to the departments or schools involved. See instructions for information about filing multiple applications.

Certificate Programs

Programs at Other Campuses

Dearborn Campus

For more information on these programs, please refer to the University of Michigan-Dearborn website.

Flint Campus

For more information on these programs, please refer to the University of Michigan-Flint website.

Other Programs

Graduate Courses in Non-Rackham Programs

It is possible for Rackham students, with the approval of their departments, to apply non-Rackham course credits toward Rackham degree requirements, usually as cognates. They may do so by completing courses offered by non-Rackham graduate or professional programs. For courses to be included on the following list, they must meet the academic standards outlined in Rackham's, "Guidelines for Graduate Course Approval," and be taught by either a regular member of the faculty or an instructor whose credentials qualify them to teach at the graduate level.

Some of the courses on the following list are offered by Rackham programs but are not applicable toward their own graduate degree requirements. These courses are considered by the Rackham home department to be graduate level work only for students in other departments--because they expect their own students to have mastered the course material previously (e.g., as undergraduates). Please note that graduate credit will not be granted simply on the argument that some graduate students wish or need to know the material.

Once Rackham has accepted the course, the Office of the Registrar will designate Rackham credit for the course in the University database. If not accepted by Rackham, the course will appear on a Rackham student's transcript as NCTP (not for credit toward program).

Inclusion on the following list does not guarantee that the student's department will count the credits toward the student's degree requirements. Therefore, students intending to apply any non-Rackham course must always check with an advisor and the department before enrolling.

Graduate and Professional Degree Programs Not Administered by Rackham

Do not use the Rackham application for any of the non-Rackham degree programs listed below.

Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning

  • Master of Architecture
  • Master of Urban Design

Contact the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, 2150 Art and Architecture Building, (734) 764-1300.

School of Business Administration

  • Master of Business Administration

Contact the School of Business Administration,1235 Business Administration Building, (734) 763-5796.

School of Dentistry

  • Doctor of Dental Surgery

Contact the School of Dentistry, 1205 Dentistry Building, (734) 763-3316.

College of Engineering

  • Doctor of Engineering in Manufacturing
  • Master of Engineering (in Automotive Engineering, Concurrent Marine Design, Construction Engineering and Management, Energy Systems Engineering, Integrated Microsystems, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles, Space Engineering, Structural Engineering)

Contact the College of Engineering, Graduate Professional Programs, 2630 CSE Building, (734) 647-7024

Health Informatics

  • Master of Health Informatics

Contact Health Informatics, (734) 647-7705.

School of Information

  • Master of Science in Information

Contact the School of Information, 4322 North Quad Building, (734) 764-2475.

Law School

  • Doctor of the Science of Law
  • Juris Doctor
  • Master of Comparative Law
  • Master of Laws

Contact the Law School, 2200 South Hall, (734) 764-0537.

Medical School

  • Doctor of Medicine

Contact the Medical School, M4303 Medical Science Building I, (734) 764-6317.

School of Music, Theatre and Dance

  • Master of Music (in applied music, composition, conducting, music education, and music theory)
  • Specialist in Music

Contact the School of Music, Theatre and Dance, 2290 Moore, (734) 764-0593.

School of Nursing

  • Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Contact the School of Nursing, 400 North Ingalls, Ste 1160, (734) 615-0119.

College of Pharmacy

  • Doctor of Pharmacy

Contact the College of Pharmacy, 1028 Pharmacy Building, (734) 764-7312.

School of Public Health

  • Doctor of Public Health
  • Master of Health Services Administration
  • Master of Public Health

Contact the School of Public Health, 3528 School of Public Health I, (734) 764-5425.

School of Social Work

  • Master of Social Work

Contact the School of Social Work, 1080 S. University, Room 1748, (734) 764-3309.

University of Michigan-Dearborn

  • Master of Science in Accounting
  • PhD in Automotive Systems Engineering
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Business Administration/Master of Science in Finance (dual degree)
  • Master of Business Administration/Master of Health Services Administration (dual degree)
  • Master of Business Administration/Master of Science in Information Systems (dual degree)
  • Master of Science in Business Analytics
  • Master of Arts in Community Based Education
  • Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education
  • Doctor of Education
  • Education Specialist
  • Master of Arts in Educational Leadership
  • Master of Arts in Educational Technology
  • Master of Science in Finance
  • Master of Science in Health Information Technology¬†
  • Master of Science in Information Systems
  • PhD in Information Systems Engineering
  • Master of Arts in Program Evaluation and Assessment
  • Master of Science in Psychology
  • Master of Public Policy
  • Master of Science in Science Education
  • Master of Education in Special Education
  • Master of Science in Supply Chain Management
  • Master of Arts in Teaching

Contact the Office of Graduate Studies, the University of Michigan-Dearborn, 4901 Evergreen Road, Dearborn, MI 48128-1491, (313) 583-6321.

University of Michigan-Flint

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Master of Science (Anesthesia)
  • Master of Science (Biology)
  • Master of Science (Health Education)
  • Master of Science (Computer & Information Systems)
  • Master of Science in Nursing
  • Master of Arts (Education)
  • Master of Arts (Social Sciences) at Flint campus

Contact the Office of Graduate Programs, 251 Thompson Library, the University of Michigan-Flint, Flint, MI 48502-1950, (810) 762-3171.