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Social Work and Social Science

The following is a brief summary of admission deadlines, requirements, and Academic Program Code(s) for the degree(s) offered in this Department/Program. For an in-depth description of the program, please see the Program Web Page. If you want to obtain an online application, it is essential that you do this by accessing the Program Web Page. There you will find detailed, program-specific instructions on how to compose your personal statement of interests, and you will find the program's own letter of recommendation form that should be used in place of recommendation form accompanying the generic Rackham application materials. Important information on how this program establishes relations between social work and each of the social science disciplines is also included in the "Information for Applicants" on the Program Web Page.

Admits Fall term. Deadline for applications is December 1. Please go to for complete instructions.

Code: 02073; Academic Program: Social Work & Anthropology, Ph.D.
Code: 02076; Academic Program: Social Work & Economics, Ph.D.
Code: 02077; Academic Program: Social Work & Political Science, Ph.D.
Code: 02074; Academic Program: Social Work & Psychology, Ph.D.
Code: 02075; Academic Program: Social Work & Sociology, Ph.D.


Director: Berit Ingersoll-Dayton

Degree Programs

Interdepartmental Degree Program

The interdepartmental degree program of doctoral study in social work and social science is administered by a Supervising Committee drawn from the faculties of the School of Social Work and the Departments of Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology.

The program is designed to prepare persons for careers in research and teaching, and for certain types of policy development responsibilities in the social welfare field. It is an interdepartmental program of study which eventuates in a Ph.D. degree in social work and one social science discipline. Students who enter this program without the Master of Social Work degree qualify for this professional degree in social work as a part of the total program of study. Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of knowledge and skill in integrating concepts and methods in social work and one of the social sciences.

In addition to the specific requirements listed below, see the Doctoral Degrees section of the Rackham Graduate School Academic Policies.

Doctor of Philosophy

Students are admitted directly into the doctoral program but must have completed, or must complete during the course of doctoral study, the requirements of the Master of Social Work degree.

Admission: Applicants must submit a completed application, transcripts of graduate and baccalaureate academic records, letters of recommendation, a personal statement, and a list of publications. Additionally, applicants may be required to submit department specific items. They must take the Graduate Record Examination, and may be required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language, both offered by Educational Testing Service, Princeton, New Jersey 08541.

Range of Enrollment: Five to seven calendar years.

Specific Course Requirements: Candidates for the Ph.D. degree in social work combined with a social science must meet the requirements of the Graduate School for the doctoral degree with respect to residence, grade point average, time limit for completion of work, dissertation, and language requirement, if one exists for the social science area. See the Rackham Graduate School Academic Policies for general regulations. Course requirements will vary with educational background and professional interest. The student is expected to take sufficient advanced theory and research in one social science discipline to satisfy departmental requirements for a major and minor field in that science. The student must also meet departmental requirements for training in research methods; must enroll in at least five advanced courses in social work; and must have a supervised research experience in which social science theory and methods are brought to bear on a problem related to the social welfare field.

Preliminary Examination: Each student is expected to satisfy the preliminary examination requirement of the respective department. He or she must also complete satisfactorily a preliminary examination in social work in an area of study of his/her choice. Both examinations are supervised by special faculty committees.

Work Experience Requirement: Contact graduate program office.

Dissertation Prospectus: The dissertation prospectus must be prepared in conformity with prospectus requirements of the department and the inter-disciplinary program. It must be submitted and approved by the dissertation committee.

Candidate Status: After satisfactory completion of the two preliminary examinations, research experience, and course requirements, the student is recommended for candidacy. Candidacy requirements are described in the Doctoral Degrees section of the Rackham Graduate School Academic Policies.

Dissertation Committee: The dissertation shall be prepared under a dissertation committee appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School on recommendation of the Director of the Doctoral Program. The dissertation committee shall have as its co-chairs a faculty member holding an appointment in the social science department in which the student is specializing and a faculty member holding an appointment in Social Work. Two additional committee members are required; one holding a faculty appointment in the Candidate's Social Science, and one holding an appointment in Social Work.

For information on the dissertation committee, final oral examination, and publication of dissertation, see the Rackham Graduate School Academic Policies and the Dissertation Handbook (pdf).


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The following courses constitute the range of approved offerings at the time of the assembly of the publication. Not all of the courses listed below are available for registration. Please see the Schedule of Classes on the Office of the Registrar's website for course offerings by term. The final authority for changes in course offerings rests with the academic departments.

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