Biomedical Engineering


Biomedical Engineering

Admits Fall term only.  Deadline for Ph.D. applicants is December 15.  Deadline for M.S. applicants is January 15 .  GRE general required (with the exception of the terminal MS program); TOEFL, MELAB, or IELTS required for international students that have not graduated from a US institution; Letters of recommendation required. 

M.S. Applicants (00095):

Apply to the master's program only if the M.S. will be your terminal U-M Biomedical Engineering degree (that is, you do not intend to continue into the Biomedical Engineering Ph.D. program).

Applicants who do not hold a Master's degree but intend to pursue a Ph.D. at U-M Biomedical Engineering must apply directly to the Ph.D. program (see below).

Ph.D. Applicants (00094):

Applicants who are interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering should apply to this program.  If you do not currently hold a relevant master's degree, you will earn it during the first two years of the Ph.D. program.

Code: 01551; Academic Program: SUGS Biomedical Engineering; M.S.E.
Code: 00095; Academic Program: Biomedical Engineering; M.S., M.S.E
Code: 00094; Academic Program: Biomedical Engineering; Ph.D.


Faculty affiliated with the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Center for Biomedical Engineering Research.

Professors: Antonuk, Armstrong, Arruda, Baker, Barald, Berguer, Brooks, Bull, Burns, Cain, Carson, Chupp, Deng, Fan, Fessler, Figueroa, Franceschi, Giannobile, Grosh, Grotberg, Hero, Hollister, Kearfott, Kipke, Kohn, Kopelman, Kotov, Krebsbach, Larson, Levine, Linderman, Love, Ma, Martin, Mayer, Meyer, Najafi, Noll, Nor, Putnam, Sastry, Sept, Shea, Shih, Stegemann, Takayama,Wang, Wineman, Wise, Zernicke

Associate Professors: El-Sayed, Ferris, Fowlkes, Hughes, Kirschner, Kuo, Lahann, Lastoskie, Meyhofer, Mycek, Shore, Violi, Westfall, Xu, Yoon

Assistant Professors: Berenfeld, Burns, Chestek, Chronis, Coleman, Eniola-Adefaso, Greve, Kim, Kozloff, Kuroda, La Marca, Lin, Mayer, Patil, Roberts, Shikanov, Sienko, Woolf, Wang

Research Scientists: Ashton-Miller, Cook, Galban, Hollman, Huggins, Khanafer, Kim, Larkin, Peltier, Xu

Research Associate Professor: Hernandez

Lecturers: Clafflin, Huang-Saad, Schmedlen

Professors Emeritus: Anderson, BeMent, Chaffin, Faulkner, Goldstein, Green, Jenkins, Rogers, Yang


Degree Programs

Master of Science
Doctor of Philosophy

In addition to the specific requirements listed below, see the Master's Degrees and Doctoral Degrees sections of the Rackham Graduate School Academic Policies.

Master of Science

Admission: Applicants must submit a completed application, three letters of recommendation, transcripts from all previous academic institutions, statement of purpose, personal statement, and TOEFL scores (if applicable). Holders of baccalaureate degrees in engineering sciences or physical or biological sciences are eligible.

Minimum Number of Credits Required: 30 credit hours of graduate level coursework.

Specific Course Requirements: The curriculum is divided into six concentrations: Bioelectrical, Biotechnology, Biomaterials, Biomechanics, Biomedical Imaging, and Medical Product Development. Specific course requirements are dependent upon the concentration that the student follows. Refer to the department website for specific course requirements.

Thesis: The student may elect up to four (4) additional credits of directed research as a continuation of the two (2) credit core requirement for the M.S. degree. If four (4) or more credits of directed research are applied toward the M.S. degree, a M.S. thesis is required.

Final Examination: None.

Doctor of Philosophy

Admission: Applicants must submit a completed application, three letters of recommendation, transcripts from all previous academic institutions, statement of purpose, personal statement, GRE general and TOEFL scores (if applicable). Holders of baccalaureate degrees in engineering sciences or physical or biological sciences are eligible. In addition, holders of M.D., D.D.S., and D.V.M. degrees are eligible.

Specific Course Requirements: If the student does not hold a relevant M.S. degree, they will earn it within the first two years of the Ph.D. program. All Ph.D. students must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 9 credit hours of letter graded coursework (any electives with Rackham credit) beyond those which are required for a M.S. degree.

Qualifying Examination: BME's program deadline for achieving candidacy is within two years of completion of the M.S. degree in BME or of making their M.S. degree relevant. The BME Graduate Education Committee (GEC) recommends that the QE be completed within one year of completion of the M.S. degree or within one year of entry into the program for students who enter with an equivalent M.S. degree. Refer to the department website for further information.

Foreign Language Requirement: None.

Candidate Status: Candidacy requirements are described in the Doctoral Degrees section of the Rackham Graduate School Academic Policies.

For information on the dissertation committee, final oral examination, and publication of dissertation, see the Rackham Graduate School Academic Policies.


University of Michigan

1113 Carl A. Gerstacker
2200 Bonisteel Blvd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2099
Phone: (734) 647-1091
Fax: (734) 936-1905
Program Website:


The following courses constitute the range of approved offerings at the time of the assembly of the publication. Not all of the courses listed below are available for registration. Please see the Schedule of Classes on the Office of the Registrar's website for course offerings by term. The final authority for changes in course offerings rests with the academic departments.

Biomedical Engineering (Subject Code: BIOMEDE)
410/MATSCIE 410/MACROMOL 410.  Biomaterials.  Required pre-requisite: [MATSCIE 220 or 250 (C- or better)] or Graduate  (3 credits)

417/EECS 417.  Electrical Biophys.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOMEDE 211, EECS 215 or 314 or permission of instructor  (4 credits)

418.  Quant Cell Biology.  Advisory pre-requisite: MCDB 310, BIOLCHEM 415, 515, or CHEM 351, and PHYSICS 240, and MATH 216  (3 credits)

419.  Quant Physiology.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOCHEM 310  (4 credits)

424/MECHENG 424.  Engin Acoustics.  Advisory pre-requisite: MATH 216 and PHYSICS 240 Advised  (3 credits)

430.  Rehab Engr&A T.  Advisory pre-requisite: Previous or simultaneous registration in IOE 333/433/permission of instructor  (3 credits)

450.  Biomedical Design.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOMEDE 211, BIOMEDE 221, BIOMEDE 231, ENGR 100 and senior standing  (4 credits)

451.  BME Design, Pt 1.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOMEDE 458 and senior standing  (2 credits)

452.  BME Design, Pt II.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOMEDE 451, 458, and senior standing.  (3 credits)

456/MECHENG 456.  Tissue Mechanics.  Advisory pre-requisite: Mech. Eng. 211, 240.  (3 credits)

458/EECS 458.  Biomed Instrum Des.  Required pre-requisite: [BIOMEDE 211 & 241] or [EECS 215 or 314] or Graduate Standing  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOMEDE 211/EECS 215/EECS 314/graduate standing  (4 credits)

464/MATH 464.  Inverse Problems.  Advisory pre-requisite: MATH,MATH 214, 217, 417, or 419; and MATH 216, 256, 286, or 316.  (3 credits)

474.  Intro to Tissue Engr.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOMEDE 410, senior standing, or permission of instructor  (3 credits)

476/MECHENG 476.  Biofluid Mechanics.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOMEDE 331/ME 320/CHEME 341. Recommended BIOMEDE 221.  (4 credits)

479.  Biotransport.  Advisory pre-requisite: MATH 216, BIOMEDE 331, or MECHENG 330, or permission of instructor  (4 credits)

481/NERS 481.  Prin Rad Imag.  (2 credits)

484/ENSCEN 484/NERS 484.  RHE Fundamentals.  Advisory pre-requisite: NERS 312 or equivalent or permission of instructor.  (4 credits)

495/AMES 495.  Intr to Bioe.  Advisory pre-requisite: Permission of instructor  (1 credits)

499.  Special Topics.  (1 to 4 credits)

500/UC 500.  Biomed Engr Sem.  (1 credits)

503.  Statistics for BME.  Advisory pre-requisite: Graduate standing or permission of instructor  (3 credits)

504/MICRBIOL 504/ANATOMY 504/BIOLCHEM 504.  Cell Biotech.  Advisory pre-requisite: Graduate standing or consent of instructor  (3 credits)

506/MECHENG 506.  Com Mod Bio Tissues.  Advisory pre-requisite: Mech. Eng. 511, Equivalent or Permission of Instructor.  (3 credits)

510.  Med Imag Lab.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOMEDE 517/permission of instructor  (3 credits)

516/EECS 516.  Med Imag Sys.  Advisory pre-requisite: EECS 451  (3 credits)

519/PHYSIOL 519.  Quantitative Physiol.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOLCHEM 310  (4 credits)

522.  Biomembranes.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOLOGY 310 and BIOMEDE 221 and CHEM 210 or permission of instructor  (3 credits)

523/HMP 630/PHRMACOL 620/BE 518/ENGR 523.  Business of Biology.  (2.25 credits)

525/MICRBIOL 525.  Cell&Mol Net.  Advisory pre-requisite: Biol. 105 or 112 and Math. 215.  (3 credits)

530.  Rehab Eng & A T Lab.  Advisory pre-requisite: Previous or simultaneous registration in BIOMEDE 430 advised  (1 credits)

533/KINESLGY 533.  Neuromechanics.  Advisory pre-requisite: Graduate Status  (3 credits)

534/IOE 534/MFG 534.  Occup Biomec.  Advisory pre-requisite: IOE 333 and 334 or IOE 433/Envir. Health 556.  (3 credits)

550.  Ethics&Enterprise.  (1 credits)

551/PATH 551/BIOLCHEM 551/BIOINF 551/CHEM 551.  Proteome Inf.  Advisory pre-requisite: The course is fundamentally interdisciplinary. Undergraduate biochemistry and calculus, or permission of instructor.  (3 credits)

552.  Biomedical Optics.  Advisory pre-requisite: MATH 216  (3 credits)

556.  Mole&Cell Biomech.  Advisory pre-requisite: Graduate standing/permission of instructor  (3 credits)

561.  Bio Micro-&Nanotech.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOLOGY 162, introductory PHYSICS and CHEM, senior standing/permission of instructor  (3 credits)

563/MATSCIE 563/CHE 563.  Biomole Interfaces.  Advisory pre-requisite: Senior or graduate standing  (3 credits)

574.  Cells in Their Envir.  Advisory pre-requisite: Graduate standing or permission of instructor  (3 credits)

580/NERS 580.  Comp Rad Imag.  Advisory pre-requisite: Preceded or accompanied by NERS 481.  (1 credits)

582/NERS 582.  Med Rad Hlth Eng.  Advisory pre-requisite: NERS 484 or Graduate Status  (3 credits)

584/CHE 584/BIOMATLS 584.  Adv in Tissue Engr.  Advisory pre-requisite: Bio 311, Chem Eng 517, or equivalent Biology course; Senior Standing.  (3 credits)

588/CHE 588.  Global Qual Syst.  Advisory pre-requisite: Senior and graduate students enrolled in the CoE and health related professional schools  (2 credits)

590.  Directed Research.  Advisory pre-requisite: Permission of instructor  (1 to 16 credits)

591.  M S Thesis.  Advisory pre-requisite: Two hours of BIOENG 590  (1 to 16 credits)

594.  Rec Adv Poly Therap.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOMEDE 410, senior standing, or permission of instructor  (3 credits)

596/PHARMSCI 596/CHE 596.  Health Sci&Eng Sem.  Advisory pre-requisite: Graduate standing  (1 credits)

599.  Special Topics.  (1 to 6 credits)

616/CHE 616.  Anl Chm Sgnl.  Advisory pre-requisite: Math. 216 and Biol. Chem. 415.  (3 credits)

635/IOE 635.  Biomec Phys Lab.  Advisory pre-requisite: IOE/Biomed E. 534.  (2 credits)

646/MECHENG 646.  Human Movement.  Advisory pre-requisite: Mech. Eng. 540/Aero. Eng. 540 or Mech. Eng. 543.  (3 credits)

990.  Diss-Precand.  Advisory pre-requisite: Advanced doctoral student  (1 to 8 credits)

995.  Diss-Cand.  Required pre-requisite: Candidate  (4 or 8 credits)

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Program Statistics

Ph.D. Admissions
Fall 2014 5 year Average
Number of applications 461 356
Number of new doctoral students 27 20
Ph.D. Enrollment
Fall 2014 5 year Average
Total enrollment 104 117
Female 38% 36%
Male 62% 64%
International 28% 30%
U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident 72% 70%
Ph.D. Enrollment, U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident, by Race
Fall 2014 5 year Average
African American 1% 5%
Asian American 15% 18%
Hispanic (one or more races) 9% 11%
Native American 0% 0%
Pacific Islander 0% 0%
White 64% 58%
Two or more races (excludes Hispanic) 5% 5%
Not indicated 5% 3%
Ph.D. Degree
2014 5 year Average
Number of degrees awarded 25 23
Median years to Ph.D. 4.6 4.7
Percent of students who entered the doctoral program between 2000-01 and 2004-05 and completed the Ph.D. as of August 31, 2014 83%
Funding (external funding paid directly to Ph.D. students, without being disbursed by the University, is not included)
2014 5 year Average
Enrolled Ph.D. students with tuition AND stipend support 94% 92%
Enrolled Ph.D. students with tuition OR stipend support (in many cases, students competed successfully for external funding and did not need additional financial support) 3% 4%
Enrolled Ph.D. students who received no financial support (in many cases, students competed successfully for external funding and did not need additional financial support) 2% 4%
Ph.D. Placement Data
Position type first year after graduation, 2010 - 2014 cohorts Position type five years after graduation, 2006 - 2010 cohorts Position type ten years after graduation, 2002 - 2005 cohorts
Tenure-track faculty 2% 17% 43%
Postdoctoral / Traineeship / Fellowship 56% 21% 4%
Non-Tenure Track Faculty / University Researcher / University Administrator 11% 15% 4%
Business / Industry 19% 37% 41%
Other professional employment / Government / Non-Profit 4% 5% 7%
Not employed 7% 4% 0%
No data available 3% 1% 2%
Total Ph.D.s awarded 113 114 54

Program statistics are updated annually in December. Last updated December 23, 2014.